AZ Santa Run

Who We Are: 

The AZ Santa Run is put on by Arizona Knowledge, Empowerment and Advocacy Group (AZ KEAG) a 501(c)-3. AZ KEAG is a collective group of individuals with a passion for changing the quality of life for both adults and children with intellectual and physical disabilities. 100% of the funds raised from the AZ Santa Run benefit families and individuals in the Phoenix Area. 

Background information: 

Several years ago, due to some unfortunate circumstances one of our family members needed assistance. He was a young adult with special needs who had never had any state services here in Arizona. We made the decision to move him in with us and try to acquire services for him. After a considerable amount of diligent blood, sweat, and tears, we were able to obtain services, but only after multiple rounds of appeals.

By experiencing this, we both better understood what a family in this situation could possibly go through. We decided at that point, the passion we directed at acquiring our relative’s service could be utilized to better the special needs community of not only Phoenix, but the entire state of Arizona. At that point, we set out to create the organization of the Arizona Knowledge, Empowerment and Advocacy Group.

We've spent a considerable amount of time being told no or discouraged in acquiring assistance for our family member who met all of the areas of qualification for areas of service. We understand the struggle and want to not only change that, but bring awareness to the community concerning the special needs population of Arizona.  

If we can be of service to you, a family member or a friend, please contact us.  

~ Christina and Robert